Empowering VC investors

Help Investors and Founders leverage data for performance

We envision a future where financial metrics flow easily  within the Venture Capital ecosytem. We aim at eliminating the need for manual entry, ensuring reliable data is accessible  in real-time.

We're building a new suite of solutions 
designed for data-driven investors

Centralize data and documentation

Simplify access to information  and reduce redundancy

Streamline processes

Save time  and foster a more collaborative environment.

Track performance

Experience real-time financial insights at both fund and company levels

Manage your Network

Leverage a streamlined tracking of interactions

The Datasset Founding story

Datasset originated in the heart of the Venture Capital world. Refael co-founded Sarona Ventures, overseeing 60+ early-stage investments, while Chloe, gained extensive industry knowledge in Private Equity working at PwC.

Their hands-on experience inspired the creation of Datasset. Encountering the time-consuming, manual processes involved in collecting KPIs from a growing portfolio and reporting to investors, the need for a solution became obvious.

Combining their VC expertise with powerful low-code solutions, and supported by clients and partners, they embarked on this evolutionary venture. From addressing an initial pain point, Datasset evolved into a holistic platform optimizing Venture Capital operations.

Being the first users of Datasset, the team stays attuned to fellow investor’s needs. Our primary commitment has always been to craft a solution that we would fully use. Datasset is on a mission to revolutionize Venture Capital.

Leading Investors Support Datasset

Datasset has been supported by leading financial investors since its inception.

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