Dealflow Management

Work as a Team
on Every Deal

Implement an effective process for deal flow management, preventing any oversight of valuable opportunities

  • Use a centralized platform covering the entire deal flow lifecycle
  • Facilitate  collaboration within the investment team  and with entrepreneurs
  • Save time and ensure consistency in your  investment approach
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Connected and integrated

Connect your workspace to your existing tools to ensure data is centralized and smoothly integrated into your workflow


Customize the stages of your investment process, to match your fund's specific workflow.


Facilitate collaboration among team members through shared views, notes, and task assignments.

Centralize Funding Applications Data

  • Connect your favorite forms to your workspace
  • Connect any other source of data with our Make connector
  • Receive real-time notifications for new opportunities
  • Log and schedule actions regarding all opportunities

Bring your team on the same page

  • Share a visual overview of all opportunities at hand
  • Set team priorities and next steps
  • Improve the efficiency of your deal flow  process / investment committee

Leverage Analytics to support your investment decisions

  • Visualize your Deal flow  key metrics in intuitive dashboards
  • Tag co-investors and log deal sources & referrals
  • Focus your efforts and ressources on the channels  that yield most promising investment opportunitities

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