Portfolio Management

360° Portfolio Management

Maximize portfolio performance with streamlined data management

  • Centralize all portfolio related information: documents, investment data and KPIs
  • Automate  data collection and  performance ratios calculations
  • Turn  data into engaging visualizations
  • Leverage analytics and real time alerts to pilot your portfolio
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Accurate and consistent data

All your data, including transactions, valuations, and metrics are accurate, up-to-date, and consistent across the platform

Real time signals and alerts

Gain the agility to proactively steer your portfolio companies toward success and manage risks

Granular & Consolidated view

Analyze and breakdown data with easy sync and labeling

Automate Portfolio Data Collection and Analysis

  • Use customized and automated forms
  • Manage both financial and qualitative KPIs including ESG
  • Extract data effortlessly  from  reports with AI
  • Convert instantly raw data into charts
  • Receive signals and alerts in real-time: Runway,MRR

Record and Organize Investment Transaction History

  • Use a robust database framework supporting any type of transaction:  SPA, SAFE, Debt, Convertible notes, Warrants...
  • Split investment views: direct lines, funds, and SPVs
  • Associate legal documents to key dates and events
  • Set reminders and follow up on exclusive rights due dates

Manage Funds of Funds

Look through your investments across multiple VC/PE Funds

  • Manage and Forecast your cash flows in multiple currencies
  • Automated Fund-specific ratios: TVPI, DPI and IRR
  • Gain clarity on portfolio exposure and mitigate potential risks
Look through your investments across multiple VC/PE Funds

Turn Data into Insights with Powerful Analytics

  • Leverage real-time financial insights at both fund and company levels
  • Access dynamic portfolio dashboards
  • Automate funds ratios calculation: IRR, MOIC
  • Keep an eye on your investments KPIs: Fair value, Multiple, IRR…
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