Investor Portal

Enhance trust
with your  partners

Provide your Partners with real-time access to data, analytics, and dashboards

  • Provide customizable reports and analytics  for varied LP preferences
  • Reduce the burden on your team, by providing self-service access to your partners
  • Centralize access to important fund documents, compliance records, and regulatory information
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Control Data Visibility

Select exactly what data is shared and with whom, and make sure both GP and LP needs are met effectively.

Offer a secure space

Provide a safe environment for privately sharing sensitive information with your LPs

Elevate transparency

Build trust with your LPs by sharing reliable and updated information

Empower your LPs with real time insights

Enable your LPs to closely monitor investment performance

  • Give them access to an interactive interface
  • Share the Fund’s view on investments
  • Provide them with a snapshot of reporting at any time

Boost GP Fundraising success

Exhibit your performance

  • Use the Portal as a Dataroom
  • Turn your Financial data into Marketing Power
  • Accelerate Fundraising process

Streamline Collaboration with Third Parties

Facilitate access to information and save valuable time

  • Enable access to Funds administrators
  • Share an interface with your auditors
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