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Leverage our Venture capital expertise beyond software

At Datasset, we provide our clients with the opportunity to focus on critical and strategic investment decisions, while being backed by an expert team to perform time consuming data intensive activities and analysis. Leveraging the Datasset platform, our investor services team designs tailored solutions that seamlessly integrate with your team, ease your workload and meet top-tier quality standards.

Portfolio Management services

Monitoring a portfolio is demanding and time consuming. It requires consistent effort, expertise, and resources to navigate through various data and tasks. For investors aiming to focus on strategic activities like deal sourcing, due-diligence and business development, we provide a full suite of portfolio management services to handle your back-office workload professionally and efficiently.

Data configuration and setup

We set up your platform with your historical data, providing you with a reliable snapshot of your portfolio from day one.Your workspace will be prefilled with all your previous documentation, financial and non-financial KPIs, CRM interactions, and deal-flow history, readily available to you and your team. Our aim is to ensure a seamless transition to a new environment, eliminating any gaps, and enhancing your experience.

Portfolio KPIs Monitoring

Together, we establish the frequency and range of KPIs you wish to collect from your portfolio companies. Our teams are skilled at creating the appropriate channels, tools, and frameworks to achieve a remarkably high level of collection and completion. Recognizing the sensitivity of the matter, we prioritize adapting to each startup use case, saving startups valuable time, providing reassurance with the highest security standards, and ensuring portfolio companies comprehend the philosophy and underlying needs behind this process.

We perform regular KPI analysis and monitor for you the key financial metrics and ratios. Our analyses typically include :

  • Deviations from budget
  • Alerts on runway
  • Unexpected upside / downside on KPI
  • Specific KPI ratio calculations relevant depending on the business model
  • Average portfolio valuation multiples based on selected KPIs (ARR, EBITDA,...)

Legal Document Collection and Analysis

We keep your portfolio data up-to-date, tracking new rounds and critical events as they unfold. Our teams ensure that the most recent legal documents and transaction records are gathered and accessible in your Datasset workspace.

Cap table digitalization

We extract and record all relevant cap table information, including co-investors, subsequent rounds, and ownership figures for both fully and non-fully diluted scenarios. This data provides a transparent overview of your ownership, helps anticipate potential dilutions, and enhances the evaluation of exit scenarios. The co-investor’s feature allows you to easily filter co-investors on a deal or identify them across deals—a valuable tool when strategizing follow-on investments or secondary sales.

Fund raising rounds monitoring

We track portfolio companies that are in the process of raising new funds and monitor their progress. We highlight situations where portfolio companies encounter potential challenges or opportunities, bring to your attention ongoing fund discussions so you maximize your capacity to make the financing process successful.

Valuation Assessment

We conduct a periodic valuation of your portfolio, calculation of IRR and multiple ratios. To do so, we have designed a proprietary valuation methodology that is the result of our decade long Venture Capital experience. Our methodology typically takes into account upsides and risks that are likely to affect valuation.

Reports Production

For Investors seeking to streamline their reporting, our team can take care of the entire production process, from design to delivery.

We collaborate closely with you, to craft branded reports that align with your specific requirements, leveraging the functionalities and alerts of the Datasset platform. You can implement various formats to suit your needs :

  • Monthly Newsletter, delivering key portfolio updates
  • Quarterly Financial Report including portfolio valuation rationale, and highlights key variations
  • On-demand, in-depth portfolio analysis reports such as multiple comparisons by club deal, vertical, vintage...

Deal flow Management services

We assist investors from various horizons in refining their investment approach, drawing on our decade-long experience in the Venture Capital industry.

Investment Matrix

Crafting a tailored investment matrix is a pivotal step in the decision-making process for investors. Our team designs a customized matrix that aligns with your profile, priorities, and investment thesis. This matrix is adjusted based on your investment preferences and geographic focus, leveraging our experience from seed to growth and our global team spanning the US, Europe, Israel and Africa. We adapt scores and weights to each investor's sensitivities, enabling an automatic assessment of opportunity relevance directly calculated and displayed in the platform.

Deal Flow Process

Our team can help you streamline your entire deal flow process and make the most of the datasset platform, from the application to the due diligence phase. We tailor and optimize your deal flow steps by integrating industry best practices and aligning with your internal process preferences . We identify critical information for your selection process which needs to be provided by applicants. In the deployment phase, we integrate a customized application form in your existing channels and website, and make sure the data is seamlessly integrated in the datasset deal flow module.

Investment Memo

Our team has a solid experience drafting investment memos, to empower investors for informed decision-making. Conducting on-demand due diligence, we leverage our extensive international network and a global team spanning three continents. Diverse internal skills, ensure a comprehensive evaluation, offering a complete  snapshot of the investment opportunity.

In our meticulous analysis, we go beyond presenting key company information, metrics, and the competitive landscape. Thorough background checks challenge the company's assertions and scrutinize hypotheses related to market sizing, business models, and revenue projections. Our goal is to provide not just information but a critical perspective that enhances your understanding and decision-making process.

Why outsourcing with datasset

Focus on decision making

Experience smooth onboarding, cut training costs and slash turnover. Our highly-skilled team versed in Venture Capital, with a cross-market vision, empowers you to focus on your core strengths.

Lean on  expertise

Rely on a team of seasoned Venture Capital analysts with comprehensive finance, strategy, and data science skills. Elevate your governance with market best practices and in-depth third-party analysis.

Access Global Market Intelligence

Explore sector-specific research, backed by investment thesis expertise for informed decision-making. Stay ahead with real-time market trend insights, confidently navigating exit scenarios with strategic intelligence.

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