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How Founders Future elevates its LP reporting with Datasset

Founders Future
Marc Menassé
The client

About Founders Future

Founders Future is an investment structure, founded in 2018 by serial entrepreneur Marc Menasé. Combining the agility and operational input of a business angel with the robustness of a fund, Founders Future's motto is: founded by entrepreneurs, for entrepreneurs.

Founders Future's investment thesis is above all focused on social, societal, or environmental impact. Founders Future finances tech and digital startups, mainly at an early stage.

Founders Future has 5 investment vehicles, 100+ investments, and a team of 10+ employees.

The challenge

Streamline the funds reporting process to LPs

Ensuring timely and accurate quarterly LP reporting stands as a top priority for Founders Future. Every quarter, the dedicated six-member analyst team works on consolidating legal and financial data from 100 startups, generating separate reports for five funds within a 45-day post-quarter timeline. At some point, Marc Menasé realized it was time to implement a streamlined and digitized process.

Optimize investor report production process  

Crafting Founders Future's quarterly LP report demanded a significant investment of time and effort from the entire team, albeit drawing attention away from high-impact activities such as deal sourcing, due diligence, and portfolio business development.

Elevate the LP report process with cutting-edge solutions: 

As a leading player in the high-tech industry, Marc aimed to integrate top-notch technologies into internal processes. The new solution sought to:

  1. Efficiently gather portfolio data from startups while reducing the startup reporting workload.
  2. Equip the team with smart tools for swift identification of data inconsistencies.
  3. Foster better coordination among team members to expedite LP report production.
  4. Demonstrate agility and seamless integration with existing processes and tools.

Strengthen data management: 

In pursuit of enhanced data management, Founders Future aimed to transcend the constraints of relying solely on Excel and Dropbox. The VC fund actively sought a centralized and unified platform to address issues related to spreadsheet management, version control, data consolidation, and auditability.


Marc Menassé

The use of Datasset was instrumental in streamlining Founders Future LP reporting and obtaining actionable performance insights. I was able to redirect the team's overall focus towards strategic initiatives for portfolio growth.

The benefits

With Datasset, Founders Future implemented an agile reporting process 

Datasset designed an exclusive solution that meets the precise needs of Founders Future. 

  • Datasset takes charge of the entire quarterly LP reporting process, from collecting KPIs and legal documents to verifying data, conducting business analyses, and producing reports. Every action is centralized in the Datasset platform. This ensures Founders Future has constant access to a reliable single source of truth.
  • This partnership allows Founders Future analysts to redirect their focus toward quarterly portfolio valuation, as Datasset handles the back-office and time-consuming aspects. 
  • Ongoing communication is a key strength of this collaboration, with Founders Future analysts providing guidelines, supervising production, and maintaining the overall tone and coherence of the reports.

Founders Future has gained significant benefits from Datasset's involvement, not just in outsourcing but also through knowledge transfer in key areas: 

  • Outsourcing reporting to Datasset's dedicated team of financial analysts ensures a best practices-oriented, and market-savvy approach, leading to faster and superior LP report preparation.
  • Streamlined operations Datasset sends automated and personalized KPI collection forms through its platform to Founders Future's portfolio companies each quarter. Within 30 days, Founders Future receives a fully digitized and centralized portfolio overview.
  • Elevated reporting tools : Datasset's reporting solution has empowered the whole internal workflow for enhanced efficiency and synergy. The intuitive user experience, designed by venture capital experts, has facilitated the collective adoption of the tool, contributing to accurate and trustworthy reporting.
  • Enable data driven portfolio analysis: The Datasset platform plays a pivotal role in amplifying Founders Future's decision-making capacity and value creation across their investment portfolio. Beyond mere consolidation, the platform turns data into powerful business signals. It provides consolidated and detailed views of the portfolio and actively alerts analysts to patterns in KPIs that may require further inquiry. The platform also offers to Founders Future  portfolio company tailored scorings  based on KPIs collected, to immediately identify and objectivize company at risks and companies thriving.

Embracing Datasset's innovative reporting solution has been transformative for Founders Future. By transitioning from fragmented tools to a centralized platform, they have not only achieved heightened reporting efficiency but also streamlined their processes and saved precious hours.