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How Forepont Capital transformed LP engagement with Datasset

Forepont Capital
Frederic Batoua
The client

About Forepont Capital

Founded in 2017 in New York, Forepont Capital Partners is a Venture Capital Firm investing in Healthcare and Life sciences. With a presence in Paris, London, New York, Tel Aviv, and Palo Alto, the team is composed of 12 complementary experts and is backed by a robust network of scientific advisors. 

Forepont Capital Partners stands out for its established relationship with hospitals and universities, gaining privileged access to a unique investment deal flow. Their distinctive approach includes hands-on support for portfolio companies, assisting with finance, business development, and international expansion. They also facilitate the establishment of U.S. companies in Europe and vice versa. To date, Forepont has invested in 13 companies.

The challenge

Provide more transparency to LPs and ensure data integrity

Forepont Capital Partners II attracted the trust and commitment of around a hundred investors. With a firm belief in honoring this trust, Forepont aims to foster long-term, transparent relationships with their Limited Partners (LPs).  They recognize that maintaining clear, consistent, and transparent communication is crucial for building lasting relationships, identifying reporting and information channels as critical drivers for LP satisfaction and trust.

Until now, Forepont provides quarterly updates via email to all Limited Partners (LPs), detailing key fund performance indicators and significant developments within portfolio companies.However, recognizing the need to enhance engagement and proximity, Forepont has decided to launch an interactive portal for its LPs with two main objectives:

Increasing Transparency for LPs

Forepont is committed to increasing transparency for LPs, understanding that reporting not only confirms the implementation of the fund's strategy but also provides the necessary long-term visibility on investments. Enhanced transparency ensures that LPs feel more connected and informed about the ongoing management and success of their investments, thereby reinforcing their confidence and trust in Forepont's management capabilities.

Ensuring Data Accuracy

It is crucial that all data communicated to LPs is accurate and meticulously verified. Forepont places high importance on data management, ensuring that each piece of information is thoroughly vetted before being shared. The fund aims to deliver comprehensive data that meets the diverse needs and profiles of all investors, thereby maintaining high standards of information integrity and reliability.

Frederic Batoua

Providing an interactive portal for LPs is a fantastic way for GPs to stimulate engaging relationships with Limited Partners. Being truly informed about what’s really happening in the portfolio companies augments their feeling of control. Implementing an all-in-one platform enables you not only to improve the LP experience, but also better manage data. 

The benefits

Enhance GP-LP relationship and streamline data management

When Forepont discovered Datasset, they immediately recognized it as the perfect tool to bring their project to life. The decision to choose Datasset was driven by several key factors:

  • The high quality of its all-in-one solution, encompassing three modules that cover the entire VC lifecycle-from dealflow to portfolio management and information sharing with LP.
  • The Portfolio Management module's capability to handle data efficiently across the platform, eliminating redundant data entry tasks and minimizing the risk of errors, while enabling seamless data publication to LPs and other third parties through the Portal module
  • The flexibility of the Portal solution allowing precise control over the data and granularity shared via the portal.
  • Implementing an investor portal through Datasset has created significant synergies for Forepont, empowering them to achieve their initial objectives effectively.

Providing LPs Greater Transparency and Self-Service Accessibility

Since adopting the solution, Forepont has received overwhelmingly positive feedback from LPs. The self-service access empowers LPs to access information on-demand in an interactive manner. Designed for ease of use, the solution ensures LPs can adopt it seamlessly, regardless of their digital proficiency.

Granular Control over Shared Data

Forepont had a clear vision of what they wanted to share through the portal and what they did not want to share. With the Datasset Portal module, they can precisely select the data and depth of information they wish to disclose. They also ensure that inquiries about sensitive topics like valuation methodologies are addressed directly by a GP member through personalized interactions. "Engaging in one-on-one discussions ensures our LPs fully grasp the explanations provided.”

Strengthening LP-GP Relationships

Through the LP portal, LPs gain deeper insights into portfolio developments, such as new funding rounds. "They're fully engaged with the day-to-day operations of our startups and key portfolio events," notes Philippe Louisadat. "When a company raises funds, our LPs are promptly informed, fostering high-quality discussions that enhance trust in our fund and team. The portal has sparked more high-quality interactions with well-informed LPs."

Improved Data Organization and Centralization

Datasset enables Forepont to centralize and structure data efficiently. Our portfolio management module tracks investments, operational KPIs, and financial performance. This cross-functional data management increases efficiency and eliminates long chains of emails and updates.

Supporting Fundraising Efforts

While Venture Capital is often perceived as a "black box" with a 5- to 7-year investment horizon and limited company information, Forepont Capital strongly believes that transparent reporting and informed LPs significantly mitigate this perception. This becomes particularly evident during fundraising efforts. “Being able to display fund performance, reporting, and events live on an iPad definitely builds considerable confidence among potential investors.”

Forepont Capital now maximizes the capabilities of the Datasset platform, optimizing efficiency across all internal processes and data management. This strategic utilization ensures streamlined workflows, robust data handling, enhanced productivity, and improved decision-making capabilities.